Working Against Gravity Technologies

A digital company bringing health and technology together.

where it began

Our launch

WAG Technologies was forged by necessity: provide Working Against Gravity, the authoritative voice in nutrition coaching, a larger launchpad to help more people around the world.

Our first app, Seismic, was built to help facilitate a better medium for their client-coach communication.

Since 2016, it has been the premier online nutrition coaching tool.


What we do

WAG Technologies is a digital development team.

We make things for the internet. More specifically, we make really cool stuff ranging from smaller iOS/mobile apps, to enterprise level (aka "huge") web applications.

Our primary focus is to support the needs of Working Against Gravity and their goals from a technical and more nerdy aspect.

At our core though is a drive to help people.

the brains

Our Team

Tim Gabrhel
Team Principal
Matthew Cooper
Infrastructure Lead
Brad Manderscheid
Mobile Lead
Adee Cazayoux
Owner, CEO
Jourdan Laik
Owner, CTO